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The Whānau Whanake Story

Whānau Whanake is wayfinding for whānau to thrive. Their vision is whānau that can thrive in an accessible, accepting, diverse and inclusive world. They aim to reduce poor health indicators for whānau impacted by chronic health conditions, disability, injury, or trauma. Therefore, creating opportunities where whānau feel supported to become self-managing. Whānau Whanake is dedicated to positively changing whānau narratives.  
Working in a small team, they recognize the importance of having quick and accessible HR support and keeping their HR local. Hence, Whānau Whanake now has full access to our comprehensive and easy-to-use HR document library. HR Today provides Cate, Chief (CEO) at Whānau Whanake, the confidence to tackle day-to-day staff matters, ensuring they act appropriately and within current employment legislation. 

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Group photo of the Whānau Whanake family in front of a Marae. Before they set off on a group run..

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