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We believe that all organisations should have access to essential human resources support, no matter what size or budget. After all, people are your competitive advantage.

HR Today is a cost-effective option for SMEs who are looking to manage, develop and grow their team. 

Our monthly subscription provides members with HR services at an affordable price, so you can get the support you require when you need it.

Features & Benefits

What do I get with an HR Today subscription? E4A64F7E-70C6-4615-8A02-CED3D111E2B8
What type of HR support will I receive? E4A64F7E-70C6-4615-8A02-CED3D111E2B8
Why HR Today over other HR subscription offerings? E4A64F7E-70C6-4615-8A02-CED3D111E2B8
Do you provide HR software? E4A64F7E-70C6-4615-8A02-CED3D111E2B8
How do we get started? E4A64F7E-70C6-4615-8A02-CED3D111E2B8
What is the contract length? E4A64F7E-70C6-4615-8A02-CED3D111E2B8
How is my subscription calculated? E4A64F7E-70C6-4615-8A02-CED3D111E2B8
How do I pay? E4A64F7E-70C6-4615-8A02-CED3D111E2B8

HR Today Pricing

1-10 Employees

$199 a month


11-15 Employees

$289 a month


16-20 Employees

$365 a month


21+ Employees

$18 per employee, per month


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