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What is HR Today? 

HR Today is a cost-effective option for SMEs who are looking to manage, develop and grow their team.

Our monthly subscription provides members with HR services at an affordable price, so you can get the support you require when you need it.

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Why HR Today?

We believe that all organisations should have access to essential human resources suport, no matter your size or budget. After all, people are your competitive advantage.

We believe in partnerships, so we take the time to get to know your business. Our team has significant HR experience, working with a broad range of SMEs across multiple industries for over a decade.

We do more than give advice on HR processes. We get achieving the outcome that you’re after, and commit to seeing it through.

HR Today Pricing

Features and Benefits

1) Helpdesk Support

Phone, email and zoom

Need immediate advice? Members receive unlimited access to specialist HR support via our helpdesk, email or zoom.

If you require onsite support, we will be there with you every step of the way.

2) Digital HR Database

Customizable templates, letters, webinars, NZ legislation and HR updates

Ensure your employment documents and company policies are up to date and fully compliant with NZ legislation. Download latest policies, create contracts, view webinars and stay up to date with important changes through your online portal.

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3) Weekly HR Updates

Videos, Weekly Newsletter, Latest HR News

Questions about vaccinations in the workplace, managing employee expectations, restructuring, misconduct or handling final pay? Every week our HR Advisors answer those burning questions! 

Take a look at our HR Advisor Josh talking about COVID 19 and a couple of subsidies available to your business at the moment!

4) On-Site Support at Membership Rate

Need on-site support? Our experienced team will support, or lead, any HR-related situation you need help or specialist advice with. We act as the HR Manager for businesses that don't have an HR resource.

*Subscribed HR Today Members Only

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5) Discounts on HR Products and Services

HR Today members receive significant savings on all other services or products that we offer.

This includes recruitment, personality and leadership assessments, restructuring & change management, culture surveys and training workshops.

*Subscribed HR Today Members Only

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