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Build positive team culture with a culture survey

A highly engaged team and a strong culture are proven to boost productivity and motivation, decrease absenteeism, lower staff turnover, and attract top performers. 

The information collected in an EQ engagement or culture survey will allow your business to deploy improvement initiatives that are achievable and focused in areas that count.

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Identify areas of cultural strength and weakness
Identify areas of cultural strength and weakness

These surveys give management objective data and information on the culture of a business and allow time and effort to be concentrated in those areas that count.

Pinpoint areas of internal friction
Pinpoint areas of internal friction

Strengthen your business performance by developing and improving areas that prevent people from performing their best and overcoming challenges together.

Create a culture that will attract and retain quality talent
Create a culture that will attract and retain quality talent

Your culture becomes your competitive advantage. A strong culture and engaged team will help attract future talent to your business.

Understand your employees

The first step in building a highly functioning and engaged workplace is for a business or organisation to understand their employees’ perspective and views.

Our surveys provide employees at all levels with the opportunity to give open, honest and anonymous feedback about the organisation and their role within the workplace.     


Find value in the results

EQ Consultants helps you measure employee satisfaction and loyalty within your organisations through employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS) scoring and engagement.

We report on people's commitment to the organisation based on 3 categories; Engaged, Disengaged and most important Ambivalent (people sitting on the fence and who could swing either way).
EQ compare's your results against the benchmark average, which includes organisations similar to yours. Additionally, we provide you with an overview of where your employees' emotional commitment to the business is strong, and where improvement is required.

Actionable insights to build a strong team culture.

While organisations more commonly recognise that culture and engagement has a direct impact on performance, it is often unclear what changes need to be made to have the greatest impact.

As well as analysing the results, we provide you with recommendations (including quick wins and larger initiatives) on how to remedy the underperforming areas over the following 12 months.

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"There's a team that support each other, and they're available when I need them."

Catherine France
General Manager | Oxford Women's Health

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