Business restructuring

See why EQ have executed change management and restructuring for NZ businesses over the last two decades. We effectively manage the right restructure plan that aligns with your organisational strategy and goals.

EQ Consultants' restructuring process ensures fairness to all employees and in compliance with New Zealand legal obligations.

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Improved operational efficiency

Streamline and create smoother operations, increased output, and improved resource utilisation.

Strategic alignment and future growth

Tailored change management recommendations that improve clarity, direction, and a shared vision across the organisation.

Enhanced communication and decision-making

Analyse the flow of information, identify primary decision-makers, and establish clear ownership when your team(s) collaborates.

Smooth organisational restructuring process

Understand your organisational strategy and goals

EQ Consultants will help set the direction, aligning roles and organisation with the dynamic business landscape and customer demands. Whether by redistribution of work among employees, redeployment, variations in employees’ terms and conditions, or even redundancy, we want to help build a sustainable future structure that places you in a strong position moving forward.


Strategic focus on your people

Whether you're faced with an urgent need or not, it's best to view each expense line as a precious investment in your business. EQ prioritise retaining key talent and skills to ensure organisational growth. We take a methodical approach to disestablishing and creating roles, finding solutions that bring your top talent along with you.

Well-executed strategy plan

For the past twenty years, EQ Consultants have supported businesses in undertaking realignment and strategic pivots to ensure long-term viability and sustainability. We set clear change decisions, timelines and consultation to ensure that the restructure is conducted in compliance and that the rights and interests of all parties are protected.

Dairyworks New Zealand 


"EQ has provided a wide range of people services to Dairyworks resulting in successful employment placements as well as invaluable assistance with the organisational structure to position the company well for the future."

Peter Cross, Founder at Dairyworks

Build your organisation for the future

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