Organisational Reviews

Transform your teams with an organisational review

Build infrastructure for change and organisational transformation - designed for small to medium-sized New Zealand businesses that are seeking long-term growth and productive work culture.

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Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamline and create smoother operations, increased output, and improved resource utilisation.

Strategic Alignment and Future Growth

Tailored change management recommendations that improve clarity, direction, and a shared vision across the organisation.

Enhanced Communication and Decision-Making

Analyse the flow of information, identify primary decision-makers, and establish clear ownership when your team(s) collaborates.

Understand your people

EQ Consultants will analyse the current structure of your organisation at different levels and departments. This step helps in gaining a deep understanding of the existing organisational framework.


Organisational analysis and recommendations

These recommendations are categorised into three types: people, technology, and processes/procedures. The focus is on determining who is responsible for specific tasks, identifying the technology required for efficient work, and establishing effective processes and procedures.

Change Management Plan

EQ Consultants assist businesses in implementing the recommended changes and managing the overall transformation process. This involves addressing common challenges related to change management and decision-making within the organisation.

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