Welcome Freedom Built!

A HUGE welcome to our newest HR Today member, Freedom Built!

Freedom Built are building modern homes for Kiwi families the right way. They are currently partners of the Launch Foundation with some of the Freedom Built leadership team starting up this foundation.

Every dollar saved throughout the building process will go towards at-risk children and youth within the Canterbury region. These children and youth are suffering from the effects of poverty, abandonment, delinquency, addiction and mental illness.

The foundation was recently launched and its most recent success new build was sold to first home buyers and the sale generated a profit of more than $200,000.

The money will be equally divided between their four chosen charities.

Along with the foundation partnership, Freedom Built is the perfect option for someone who wants to move in straight away with minimal effort. They are experts in designing and building dream homes or investment property.

Their properties are a bespoke design to each section to ensure they always make the most of the land and sunlight. 

Watch the video below and view some of Freedom Built's recent work:

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