Supporting Pink Shirt Day NZ and raising awareness of workplace bullying

The EQ Consultants team stood together to show our support of Pink Shirt Day NZ on Friday 18th May, a movement to stop bullying and spread kindness in the workplace. Our Senior Consultant Malissa O'Malley also showed her support from Queenstown and we were joined by our neighbours Partners Finance & Lease.

Workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination can have a negative affect on a business; it can reduce staff morale, lead to stress and impact employee health, increase staff turnover, damage relationships,  impact on productivity and profit, may lead to an employee taking action against the employer, causing a financial impact, and can damage the organisation’s reputation as well as the reputation of the person whose behaviour is in question.

Employers are responsible for setting the example of what is acceptable in the workplace. Creating a workplace culture where all people are respected, and putting in place appropriate policies may reduce employer liability if an inappropriate behaviour happens. Employers need to remember that verbal attacks which harass or hurt an employee can be just as significant as physical threats or attacks.

If you suspect workplace bullying in your organisation and are unsure how to approach it, contact Principal Consultant Viv Patterson for advice on (03) 366 4034 or email

You can find out more about Pink Shirt Day here:

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