NZ Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System)

The Government has announced the next stage of the COVID-19 response plan to provide a pathway out of lockdown and give vaccinated New Zealanders more freedom.

The COVID-19 Protection Framework introduces a new flexible 3-level approach to managing COVID-19 in the community:


When there are some COVID-19 cases in the community, and sporadic imported cases. Community transmission will be limited and COVID-19 hospitalisations will be at a manageable level. The health system will be ready to respond, including primary care, public health, and hospitals.


There will be increasing community transmission that is putting pressure on our health system. The whole of health system will focus its resources, but can continue to manage primary care, public health, and hospitals. There may also be an increasing risk for at-risk people.


Action will need to be taken to protect both at-risk people and protect our health system from an unsustainable number of hospitalisations.

The framework is more flexible than the current Alert Level system because we know that businesses that only open to vaccinated customers pose a lower risk. We can move up levels when needed to control an outbreak.
Print this protection framework out and put it up around the work office.

Click here to learn more about the Covid-19 Protection Framework.

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