New Zealand sees 54% increase in job applications - Jan 2024

Published 20 February 2024

The beginning of a new year often heralds fresh opportunities and ambitions, especially in the job market. For New Zealand managers, owners, and HR, understanding the evolving landscape of job applications and salary trends is crucial for navigating recruitment and retention strategies effectively.

The year 2024 has commenced with a remarkable surge in job applications across New Zealand, marking a 54% increase compared to the preceding December. As Trade Me Jobs reports, this surge reflects a palpable eagerness among Kiwis to embark on new professional journeys as they return from the holiday season.

Amidst this surge, there are notable shifts in salary dynamics and job preferences that bear closer examination. Here's a snapshot of the latest trends that are shaping the New Zealand job market:

Highest salary region

Surprisingly, the scenic landscapes of Central Hawke's Bay have emerged as the highest-paying region, boasting an average annual salary of $78,100. This surpasses the traditionally lucrative Auckland market, signifying a captivating shift in regional economic dynamics.

Highest salary industry

The construction and roading sector stand out as the beacon of prosperity, offering an average salary of $122,342, followed closely by Engineering at $107,885 and Accounting at $93,904. These figures underscore the robustness of industries integral to New Zealand's infrastructure and financial landscape.

Most applied for roles

January witnessed a surge in applications across industries vital during the summer season, such as Hospitality/Tourism, Retail, and Transportation. The influx of applicants signals a buoyant interest in sectors catering to leisure and logistics, amplifying opportunities for employers to fortify their workforce.

Despite the surge in applications, the overall average annual salary nationwide experienced a marginal decline of 3.6% in January. This trend, albeit slight, underscores the need for organisations to recalibrate their remuneration strategies amidst evolving market dynamics.

Navigating the evolving job market landscape necessitates proactive measures from employers and job seekers alike. As the balance tips towards employers, crafting compelling job profiles and CVs becomes imperative for individuals seeking to stand out amidst heightened competition.

Trade Me Jobs spokesperson Patrick Cairns aptly encapsulates the essence of this transformative phase, emphasising the need for both businesses and professionals to adapt to the shifting paradigms of employment.

In essence, as we embrace the dawn of 2024, the New Zealand job market beckons with a blend of challenges and opportunities. By harnessing insights from the latest trends and embracing proactive strategies, businesses and professionals can navigate this dynamic landscape with resilience and optimism.

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