How to Manage Sickness and Long Term Illness

Learn ways to deal with employee sickness and illness within a New Zealand workplace.

Employment experts, Steve and Charlotte, break down a complete overview of absenteeism versus medical incapacity and the appropriate processes involved.

They provide two case studies from real New Zealand small businesses, the first about an office employee in the construction sector, and the second about a factory worker in the manufacturing industry.

And also share tips on managing mental health and stress-related issues which we have seen become more prominent since Covid19 and inflation pressures.

Steve Kennedy - Principal Consultant

✦ His background includes 15 years as NZ Country General Manager for an international HR and Recruitment company, responsible for 1,000 staff and significant annual revenues.  Prior to working with EQ Consultants, Steve led operational and sales teams in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Charlotte Whitaker - HR Advisor

✦ An enrolled barrister and solicitor of the High Court in New Zealand. Experienced in resolving employment relationship disputes, change management, independent investigations, employee engagement, recruitment and industrial relations.

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