Annual leave instruction
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For New Zealand managers to communicate that an employee will be required to take annual leave within a requested period.

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What is an annual leave instruction letter?

In New Zealand, it's mandatory for employers to manage their employees' accrued leave effectively. One significant aspect is ensuring that employees who have accumulated substantial leave balances actually take time off. Failure to do so can lead to various issues, including decreased productivity, increased burnout rates, and potential legal implications.

Has an employee with too much-accrued leave?

The annual leave instruction letter formalises the leave directive and provides a clear record of communication between the employer and the employee -- be aware you have to give the employee at least 14 days’ notice before requiring them to take leave.

The letter covers the following areas:

  • Informing the employee of the required dates for annual leave
  • Importance of rest and rejuvenation for employee well-being
  • Specifying the deadline for proposing alternative leave dates, if necessary
  • Reminding the employee of their obligation to comply with the directive
  • Providing a point of contact for any queries or concerns

Download HR Today's Annual Leave Instruction Letter template to ensure both legal compliance and the welfare of your employees.

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