Document Templates

Confidential Information Policy

A suggested template for outlining you company’s policy with regards to handling confidential information.

Letter - Successful 90 Day Trial Period Notification

When an employee successfully completes their 90-day trial period, you should formally acknowledge and congratulate the employee in writing.

Letter - Annual Leave Instruction (Trans-Tasman Bubble)

As a result of the Trans-Tasman bubble opening, we have created a letter to send out to your employees who intend to take leave and travel across the ditch. This letter explains the implications and expectations of those individuals intending to travel overseas.

Health and Wellbeing Policy

This Health and Wellbeing workplace policy is an excellent way to build a positive and healthy workplace. It shows employees how your business practices support them to be the best they can be

Serious Misconduct Meeting Invitation Letter (with suspension)

A letter template, which can be used to initiate a meeting following serious misconduct by an employee.

Misconduct Meeting Invitation Letter

A letter template, which can be used to initiate a misconduct meeting with an employee who has breached company policy.


Letter of Variation

This letter is a very helpful tool that can be used to vary an existing employment agreement.

Letter - First Written Disciplinary Warning

The disciplinary process is the formal process used when an employee has breached the behavioural expectations of the organisation, as outlined in its employment agreements and policies. This letter can be used and modified as required if you want to issue a first written warning.

Change Management Process Overview

This flowchart guides you through the legal steps required when considering employee redundancies.

First Written Warning Letter

A letter template, which can be used to issue an initial written warning to an employee who has breached company policy.

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