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Performance Appraisal Guide 2022

This guide will take you through the process for conducting a performance appraisal and why we recommend assessing employees under the three areas of Abilities, Motivation, and Opportunities.

How To Run A Formal Meeting

This document covers our suggested 7 step structure to follow next time you have to run a misconduct meeting.
(This assumes you have informed the employee fairly of what the meeting is about).

Performance Appraisal Checklist

The performance appraisal checklist explains the different areas of the performance appraisal process. 


Appointment Information Checklist

Use this checklist as a step-by-step guide to your latest employee appointment.


Letter - 90 Day Trial Period Termination

During the 90 Day Trial Period, the Employer may exercise their right to dismiss the employee if it is felt that they are not suitable for the position for which they were employed. It is recommended you contact the HR Today help desk before issuing this letter.

Non-Discrimination Guidelines

A table of non-discrimination guidelines to be adhered to when interviewing and selecting potential employees.


Employee Onboarding Checklist (From Contract Signing to End of 1st Week)

Use this Onboarding Checklist to organize the steps involved in guiding new employees through their first few days and months at your company. Often critical steps can be missed, this checklist can be used as a good foundation for onboarding and ensuring that each stage of the onboarding process for new recruits is completed.

HR Admin Vacancy Management Checklist

Recruiting for a role? Use this step-by-step guide checklist to successfully manage recruitment from the outset.

Employee Onboarding Checklist (Short Version)

Use this short version of our Onboarding Checklist document to quickly tick off the steps involved in guiding new employees through their first few days and months at your company.

Working from Home Policy

The Working from Home policy can be used if your organisation supports working from home / wants to introduce it. The policy outlines entitlement, procedure, and any other requirements such as technology, confidentiality, health and safety etc.


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