Document Templates

Leave Management Checklist

Leave Management is an area that is frequently not addressed by employers because they are unsure of the correct way to implement the process. This section has been designed specifically to address sick leave and annual leave. Use this checklist to establish your leave management documentation.


Recruitment Checklist

This checklist is designed to ensure that you follow the correct procedures when choosing a new employee.


Casual Employment Agreement

A template for an Individual Employment Agreement for Casual Employees.

Individual Employment Agreement for a Permanent Role

A template for an Individual Employment Agreement for a permanent role.

Fixed Term Employment Agreement

A template for a Fixed Term Individual Employment Agreement.

Email Correspondence - Mandated Sectors

This email correspondence can be used to notify employees within the mandated sectors what the new vaccination requirements mean, the key dates, and the obligation to provide evidence of their vaccination status.

Mandatory Vaccination - Meeting Invitation Letter

Employers operating in the government's mandated sectors will need to meet with employees that refuse the vaccination or refuse to confirm their vaccination status. This invitation letter sets out the requirements and potential outcome if employees refuse to receive the Pfizer by the key dates. 

Termination Letter - COVID-19 (Vaccination Refusal)

After meeting with the employee and carefully considering their response you have decided that you are going to terminate their employment. You should notify the employee of your final decision and follow it in writing with this letter. 

Covid-19 Vaccination Status Form

This form enables you to find out the vaccination status of your employees if you have a genuine reason for doing so.

Letter of Expectations

This letter should be used to inform employees of your expectations regarding conduct, return to work, performance, trust, etc.

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