A good manager understands the expectations and needs of both their employer and their employees. A great Leader builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.

Our practical training programs have been selected by some of New Zealand’s leading organisations.

We apply lessons learnt over two decades of working in senior executive positions in New Zealand and abroad. Our training is designed to equip managers and leaders with practical tools, ideas and solutions to navigate and resolve day-to-day human resource challenges and obstacles. We ensure that leaders understand what both their employer and their team expect from them and how their leadership can impact the performance in their area of responsibility.

The outcomes we expect from the training include:

  • Greater team engagement
  • Reducing risk through better management of people related challenges
  • Improve productivity of teams, which impacts the bottom line of the business

Our training is delivered via customised in-house training or public courses, that we run each month.

If you have specific training you need delivered to your team, please contact EQ Consultants to discuss your specific requirements.

For general training, please follow the links below;

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