Our Psychometric Assessments are used by businesses and organisations that want to improve employee engagement and build high performing teams.

Psychometric Assessments are designed to give insight into the preferences, tendencies, and abilities of people. There are two parts to selection; getting both the capability and the right characteristics to fit your business.

We are able to provide a wide range of Psychometric Assessments that are used extensively in New Zealand and around the world.

The assessments are fully automated and can either be administrated online via the net or supervised in our office. 

Who uses the Assessments?

  • Senior Management

  • Human Resources

  • Team Leaders / Supervisors

Why do they use Assessments?

  • Recruitment: Build a complete picture of your candidates and current employee potential

  • Development: Identify individual / team strengths and weaknesses and succession gaps

  • Team building: Understand your people and build a better team using an individual's strengths

Our Psychometric Assessment range

EQ Consultants provide a range of assessments and can facilitate these both online or offline.

  • Perspectives Personality
  • General Cognitive Ability Test (Verbal, Numeric, Abstract)
  • SkillCheck
  • Sales Perspectives
  • Health & Safety Indicator
  • Emotional Intelligence

For more information about how the Psychometric Assessments can support your organisation or business's requirements call (03) 366 4034 or email info@eqconsultants.co.nz