Why use Psychometric Assessments

When people hear the words ‘psychometric assessment’ it can often send a shiver up the spine. What may seem like an intimidating tool is nothing to be afraid of. Furthermore, the use of psychometric assessments can be incredibly beneficial to virtually any business.

Here at EQ Consultants, we work closely with businesses across New Zealand helping to recruit, manage and develop their most important asset – their people. In order to establish the best path for them, their team and their future employees, we provide tailored solutions that are supported by the latest HR and recruitment techniques, including psychometric assessments.

The Institute of Psychometric Testing describes psychometric assessments as a ‘standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural style’.

There are many different psychometric assessments available, and each have their own purpose. The word psychometric assessment encompasses a range of different evaluations, all focusing on different candidate skills. Many best practice organisations have a thorough recruitment process which includes a range of different assessments - an individual’s personality, general cognitive ability, and sales expertise to name a few.

Psychometric Assessments are designed to give insight into the preferences, tendencies and abilities of people within or joining an organisation. This effective Recruitment and HR tool provides a better picture of a person and is used by businesses worldwide as a key component of their organisational functions. This means that hiring managers can feel confident when they shortlist applicants and make that all important job-offer.


·         Multiple device capabilities

·         User friendly

·         Created by global experts

·         Large range of assessments


·         Use anywhere, at any time

·         Easy to navigate, intuitive

·         Based on best research available

·         Suitable for all types of businesses and organisations


Importance of personality at work

A very popular assessment we use here at EQ is the perspectives assessment, which drills down on an individual’s personality. Well-developed personality questionnaires are important in the industry today because measures of personality predict work performance. Used appropriately, well-constructed personality questionnaires in organisations can contribute to both organisational effectiveness and individual wellbeing. For example, personality traits are known to predict how individuals go about performing their work, and scores on these personality dimensions predict whether workers will be good organisational citizens. Good organisational citizens go beyond what is written in their formal job descriptions to perform tasks that are critical for the smooth functioning of organisations.



This assessment can provide insight into how someone is likely to behave within the workplace and how they are going to fit into the team. The assessment focuses on the following overarching traits: Extraversion, Openness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Agreeableness.

This test is untimed, includes 90 questions, and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Please download a sample perspective report here.

How do we use psychometric assessments?

With so many types of psychometric assessments available, they are used differently by organisational psychologists and businesses around the world. Here at EQ Consultants, we offer assessments to businesses as a supplementary tool for training and development, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses. We also offer assessments to accompany the recruitment process, as a positive reinforcement tool alongside interviews and reference checks. They help to generate a complete understanding of the individual, facilitate performance and assist in predicting future job performance in a fair and equitable manner.

Should you wish to add psychometric testing into your recruitment process or simply understand your people better, at EQ we can provide several different assessments to suit different contexts. Please contact us if you would like to add psych assessments to your business processes.

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