Welcome Genia!

Genia is a New Zealand company that manufactures mouldings and components from the amazing resource that is timber. Thoughtful and innovative, they are constantly exploring ways to create unique timber products.

Genia specialises in cut-to-length componentry, small end section and specialised timber mouldings, they also make a range of products that help your home and garden function better.

Whether you’re a business or a DIY handyman, Genia can help add value to your project or organisation through the beauty and functionality of timber.

We are super excited to get to know Genia better and support Margaret and Emma with their HR requirements with our HR Today membership (www.hrtoday.co.nz). A key focus for Margaret and her team is to update their HR policies through our comprehensive document library. Additionally, to utilise our helpdesk as a sounding board for any HR question or query. 


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