Viv takes on the Inca Trail

Every day we help businesses and organisations to reach their goals, but recently EQ’s Principal Consultant, Viv Patterson conquered her own challenge for 2019 – the Inca Trail.

After months of hiking and stair climbing, mental prepping, and equipment gathering, Viv headed off to South America to take on Peru’s famous Inca Trail.

“Climbing the Inca Trail to witness the famous Machu Picchu was a goal that had been on mine and my partner’s bucket list for some time, so we decided 2019 was the year. We trained and prepared months in advance of the hike, our weekends spent scaling Canterbury’s hills and weekday evenings climbing the office stairs. But I don’t think any amount of training can truly prepare you for the climate, culture, diet and altitude that you only truly experience when you’re there.

“There were four of us (down from 16) plus our guide and our 13 Porters – their efforts are truly incredible. The Inca Trail took us four days to complete and it was one hundred per cent worth the preparation and pain we went through to get there. Thanks to everyone back home for their support, and the Intrepid team for motivating us every day.”

Pictured: Viv at the highest point of the Inca Trail

Viv highest point of Inca Trail3

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