Top 10 qualities of a great manager

What are the top qualities of a great manager? 

The answer depends on so many factors; the type of business/organisation, strategy, goals, team, the list goes on.

However, here are our top 10 qualities that stand out when we're recruiting for a management position.


A good manager will always be planning for the short-term and long-term goals of the business. Has your candidate demonstrated how they'll plan for the tasks at hand, and how they'll meet your business goals?


A manager must be adaptable to change, for the benefit of themselves and ultimately the business. This incorporates two key elements:

A manager who can adapt their own environment to ensure that they're still relevant to the business and that the business is ahead of the game.

An agile manager who can develop ideas and influence the market they're in.


A manager working within a high-pressured and continuously changing environment, needs to be able to bounce back from every kind of stress. How does your candidate manage their own stress and the pressure within the team to overcome obstacles?


The composure of a manager is reflected in their attitude, body language and overall presence. An effective manager will be able to respond to and rectify a situation without unsettling a team to ensure that confidence is not lost along the way.


Every manager will need to contribute ideas with substance and bring value to the business by advertising those ideas internally and externally to the target market. What can your candidate bring to the table?


What is the overall aim of the game? A great manager will be aware of the big picture all of the time and actively be taking steps to achieve it - setting and executing personal and team SMART goals.


The greatest managers are those who can avoid procrastination and embrace their ideas like an effective leader. Can your candidate make decisions and work with them before someone else gets there first?


Managers are steering away from the traditional approach of command and control, and instead striving to get teammates on their journey through choice. Does your candidate show kindness and the ability to be firm in order to encourage the team on board?


Trust is key to successful management. A manager who can trust their instincts and trust the skills of those around them is essential to ensuring effective decision making.


One of the best qualities a manager can have is the ability to receive advice from those around them. As market trends change and people expect more from their workplace, managers should be able and willing to accept advice without taking umbrage.


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