Recruiting middle managers in Accounting

Middle managers within the accounting industry are among some of the trickiest roles to fill during this current skills shortage, according to a latest Hays survey.

With that in mind, EQ Consultants' Principal Consultant, Steve Kennedy recently shared his top tips and recruitment trends to a group of chartered accountants within the Christchurch SME sector. 

Steve explains: "With more SMEs equipped to undertake their accounting in-house, there is a growing need for businesses to effectively recruit the management and accounting skills they need. This event provided a great opportunity to understand the issues they face and share advice with industry members.

"During a time of skills shortages, businesses need to ensure that they can recruit the skills they need when the time arises. Without a workforce plan and recruitment pipeline, it can take months before finding a replacement. Thoroughly determine the competencies required for the role before undertaking a search for the skills you require. Don't forget to assess candidates by undertaking reference checks, assessments, etc. Read my top tips for recruiting middle managers here."

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Steve Kennedy accounting recruitment

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