NZ Govt. Announces Isolation Period Reduction

NZ Govt. Announces Isolation Period Reduction

10 March 2022

The isolation period for Covid-19 cases and their household contacts is reducing to one week, down from 10 days, from 11:59pm Friday 11th March 2022.

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has given today's briefing about the latest Covid-19 numbers and the government's response to the pandemic.

Recovered cases won't need to self-isolate if they become a household contact within 90 days - an increase from the current 28 days - after having the virus, Hipkins said.

"Household contacts will need to have a Rapid Antigen Test on day 3 and 7 of their isolation."

Hipkins announced the moves at the daily 1pm briefing today, saying high case numbers and contacts in isolation were having a "wider impact on many parts of our lives".

He urged symptomatic people who were isolating to stay home even after the seven-day period until 24 hours after symptoms cleared up.

Household contacts would need to have a rapid antigen test (RAT) on day three and seven of their isolation. They should have a RAT if they become symptomatic, and if the result is positive, they are required to isolate for seven days from that point.

The changes would take effect from 11.59pm on Friday 11 March, and followed similar moves overseas, Hipkins said.

"We've looked at the international evidence really closely, the vast majority of infections are picked up within the first seven days.

"And increasing evidence that people are most likely to transmit the virus earlier in their infectious period. This evidence also shows that the risk of reinfection within the first three months after someone has Omicron is very low."

He said this meant it would also reduce the amount of time people would need to stay in a managed isolation or quarantine facility.

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