Managing workplace disputes

Issues in the workplace can be disruptive, costly and time-consuming. Being able to respond to issues effectively and immediately is essential to prevent further damage down the track.

EQ Consultants offer an independent and professional approach to resolving disputes and re-establishing company values in the workplace. 

We have expertise in a range of disputes, including colleague conflicts, misrepresentation, bullying and inappropriateness. Whatever the issue, our experienced consultants provide impartial expert advice and support throughout, from when an employer first gets in touch with an issue to the follow-up six months later. This hands-on approach allows the employer to focus their time elsewhere with minimal disruption to the business. 

Principal Consultant, Viv Patterson, has provided this support to managers and business owners at all levels. 

She explains“Ensuring that company values are respected by all employees is essential to guaranteeing a harmonious and respectful workplace. We often see a breakdown of employee relationships due to a clash of opinions and attitudes. When professional becomes personal this can lead to detrimental effects on the team and on the business itself, including demotivation, unproductivity and high staff turnover.  

“It is usually at this stage when employers and managers reach out for support, triggered by a complaint, or because their attempts to resolve a situation have been unsuccessful. This is when our experienced consultants come in and provide an independent overview. Firstly, we’ll work with the employer / manager to develop an understanding of the company culture and values. Next, we’ll build a dialogue with each employee to gauge their views, establish what they need from each other, and where they get their support. From here, we’ll develop a framework to rebuild relationships and reassess the workplace culture before implementing the changes and monitoring progress down the line. 

If you've identified an issue in the workplace and want some impartial advice regarding how to proceed, call (03) 366 4034 to speak to a consultant. 

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