How does your employer branding compare to some of the world’s best?

New Zealand is currently experiencing its highest employment rate in the last 30 years - up 68% (29,000) in the last quarter. While this is positive news for businesses all round, higher employment means tougher competition for employers seeking to secure the best talent for their organisation. Here's why and how your employer branding plays a key role in attracting top talent.

What is employer branding?

When it comes to recruiting, retaining and engaging the best talent for your business, employer branding is essential. It's what employers do to distinguish themselves from others to attract the best talent and ensure company credibility.

Every business has employer branding, whether they are actively aware of it or not. There are those who excel and top the Forbe’s Global 2000 lists. Then there are those who struggle with employee retention, recruitment, morale and motivation.

World's best employers

Do you provide work perks for your employees? From paid paternity leave to team bonding experiences, sleep pods, food and drink, it’s these types of perks that have helped companies be recognised by Forbes within its first-ever Global 2000 list of World’s Best Employers. They are the epitome of employer branding.

With offices equipped with slides, sleep pods, mini golf courses and more, alongside comprehensive HR practices, it comes as no surprise that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, tops the list. Closely followed by corporate giants Microsoft, Apple, Walt Disney and You can see the full list here:

Implementing employer branding for your business

Most recently we have seen New Zealand company Perpetual Guardian introduce a permanent 4-day working week for its 250 employees after finding positive improvements with their work/life balance and a decrease in employee stress levels.

How can you improve your employer branding?

According to a recent survey completed by New Zealand employees, employers should focus on the following:

  1. A competitive salary and benefits
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Job security
  4. Pleasant working atmosphere
  5. Career progression

Core areas to consider

Building better employer branding takes time and effort. EQ Consultants’ Principal Consultant Steve Kennedy shares his top employer branding tips:

Company culture

Company culture underpins a happy workforce. From recruiting the best talent to improving employee satisfaction, maintaining a positive culture is key to ensuring employees find value in their work and ultimately company success.

A strong company culture promotes a range of benefits including employee loyalty, job satisfaction, performance, morale and lower stress.

How to: communicate goals and expectations, be a consistent leader, set behavioural standards, provide support, lead by example. We provide a range of team exercises to help organisations build and establish company cultures tailored to their teams.


How do you engage with employees? Research by global experts Gallup showed a positive correlation between employee engagement and increased profitability.

Whether you’re making company changes or going through a period of development, keeping employees in the loop can help to build trust and respect.

How to: Create an engagement strategy - hold team meetings, one-to-ones and be open and transparent. Our engagement / culture surveys are tailored for all levels within your team so you can collate feedback from all departments.


Do you have a development plan in place for each employee? Help to grow their confidence and equip them with the tools they need to improve productivity, commitment and confidence. In return you’ll benefit from employee retention, credibility and respect.

How to: Hold 6-monthly employee catch-ups / appraisals, work together on goals, be open to training and development.

What next?

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