5 ways Psychometric Assessments can help your business

EQ Consultants psychometric assessments infographic 2017


Psychometric Assessments are used by businesses around the world, including many Fortune 500 firms. We look at how they can benefit your New Zealand business and why employers use them:

1) Recruitment and Selection 

Choose the right person to join your organisation. Psychometric Assessments are a useful tool for the recruitment process;  often used to accompany the interview, the assessments allow the employer to develop a better understanding of the candidate and make interviews more personable to them.

2) Development

Identify strengths and weaknesses within your organisation, a team, or role, and then determine a course of action; maybe training is required or a new role is needed.

3) Positive Management

Understand how someone ticks to develop an effective management strategy. Psychometric Assessments are a non-intrusive form of developing a further understanding of your employees and how best to manage them.

4) Balanced Teams

Ensure your boat sails successfully by building and creating highly-functioning and balanced teams with the skills you need in the right places.

5) Flexible and Simple

The flexibility of Psychometric Assessments allows them be completed anywhere, at any time, by anyone. Tailor assessments to your business's requirements and ensure effective outcomes.

For more information about how Psychometric Assessments can specifically benefit your business, please call EQ Consultants on (03) 366 4034 or email info@eqconsultants.co.nz

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