Change Management

Change Management Process Overview

This flowchart guides you through the legal steps required when considering employee redundancies.

Advise Staff of Restructure Letter

A letter template, which can be used to formally advise staff of a company restructure and seek employee input.

Restructuring Meeting Invitation Letter

A letter template, which can be used to invite staff to a restructuring meeting.


Redeployment Offer Letter

A letter template, which can be used to offer an employee redeployment following restructuring.

Unsuccessful in Interview Letter

A letter template, which can be used to advise an employee they have been unsuccessful in interviewing for a new position, following a company restructure.

Notice of Redundancy – No Alternatives Letter

A letter template, which can be used to advise staff of a termination of employment, due to redundancy.

Redeployment Offer Declined - Letter

Employees who have the same or substantially similar role available within the company are offered redeployment. This template should be used if the employee declines the offer of redeployment.

Change Management Checklist

Undertaking change management? A genuine need is required to change the structure and roles within the company. This checklist provides step-by-step best practice to undertaking Change Management.


Confirmation of Final Restructure Process to Staff

All employees affected by the restructure process should receive written confirmation of review outcome and be informed of how this will impact on their positions, next steps in the process and time frames should be provided. Use this letter as a template for confirmation.

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