HR Manual

This manual contains a number of documents that are intended to provide a template for formally notifying employees of company procedure, following a range of situations. 

Letter of Offer for Permanent Full-Time or Part-Time Employees

A letter template, which can be used when making an offer of permanent full-time or part time employment.

Managing Poor Performance Process Overview

Our fourteen-step flowchart solution illustrates the overall performance management processes, making things easy for you.

Misconduct Meeting Invitation Letter

A letter template, which can be used to initiate a misconduct meeting with an employee who has breached company policy.

Non-Discrimination Guidelines

A table of non-discrimination guidelines to be adhered to when interviewing and selecting potential employees.

Notice of Redundancy – No Alternatives Letter

A letter template, which can be used to advise staff of a termination of employment, due to redundancy.

Overtime Policy

A suggested policy document, which outlines your company's Overtime Policy.

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