Engagement and culture surveys

A highly engaged team is proven to boost productivity, motivation, decrease absenteeism and lower staff turnover.

Understanding your team, their views, beliefs, and needs is the first step to improving job satisfaction and performance.

Engagement / Culture Surveys provide team members with the opportunity to give open and honest feedback on the company’s people and processes. Using this feedback, managers can identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. This can include:

  • Company culture
  • Skill gaps
  • Employee needs

To ensure best practice, Engagement Surveys should be repeated regularly (6-12 months). This will allow managers to see if the change initiatives have been effective. The survey can also be used as a performance comparison tool with other companies in the same industry or sector.

Our tools

Psychometric Assessments

Selecting the right capability and characteristics for your business or organisation is key to success. Psychometric Assessments are designed to provide insight into the preferences, tendencies and abilities of people, allowing you to make better informed decisions. 

Engagement / Culture Surveys

Our Engagement / Culture Surveys provide essential feedback for planning a people and performance strategy. This includes employee views and feelings on the business or organisation. Understand what is working well and identify any areas for improvement.  

What does your organisation need?

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Next steps

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